Cost of Movers in Boston. What’s included in the rate?

When you start looking for a movers in Boston to move you locally you have to understand a few things about the rates, how they differ and what should be included in it before you book with a company to avoid “hidden fees”.

First of all here is a table of the average cost of Movers in Boston.

Room or Less

2 movers crew



2 movers crew


One Bedroom

2-3 movers crew

$350 - $550

Two Bedroom

3 movers crew

$600 - $800

Three Bedroom (house)

3-4 movers crew

$950 - $1250 

Four Bedroom (house)

4 movers crew



These costs are made by the average rate of movers in Boston $100/hr, but this rate can be different depending on the day of the move, time and other factors.

What is included in the hourly rate of moving in Boston?

Usually when it comes to the hourly rate moving companies are trying to include everything in the rate, so customers won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary information, but it’s not always the case. That’s why it’s important to learn before you book with the company if everything is included in the rate or you have to pay for something additional. By everything I mean tolls, gas, wrapping and protecting materials such as tape, blankets, shrink wrap. In some cases you will have to pay additionally for tape or shrink wrap, depending on how much has been used during your moving process in Boston.

Moving Days to avoid to not overpay

There are some days in the calendar that people prefer for moving, so if you are looking to save on your moving you should try to avoid these days. The busiest days for moving in Boston and surrounding areas are 31st of August and 1st of September. But every month there are days when people move more often than in the other days. Pretty much every first and last days of the month are busy, as well as weekends. So if you have a chance to schedule your move during the working week it will save you some money for the same service.

Packing and Storage cost

If you are looking for an additional packing or moving service, then they are usually rated the same as moving, and for example for an average one bedroom apartment it will take 2 movers around 4 hours to pack. All packing materials cost additionally and most of the companies will sell you the amount of boxes, tape and wrapping materials that you exactly need.

Storage rates are different and depend on such factors as location, size, and additional features like temperature-control and security. Most of the companies provide storage service in Boston. Contact them to learn more about rates.