Don't: Mix Glass and Metal

Get Glasses from Here to There in One Piece

Here’s a nightmare scenario for you: Unpacking possessions in your new home, and opening a rattly box full of glass shards. Dangerous, and disappointing! When packing up your glasses and stemware for a move, there are a few guidelines to follow that will minimize the chances of breakage—and drastically reduce the number of bandaids you’ll need to keep on-hand while unpacking. 

Three Pro Tips for Success

Our first tip? Pack like with like. In other words, a moving box that contains glassware should contain only glassware; not miscellaneous cookware, and certainly nothing metal. 

Another tip? Pack your glasses upright in the box, not lying on their side. Wrap each glass with a hefty amount of packing paper—and don’t forget to include a generous layer on the bottom of the box. Then, stand the glasses up and arrange them in the box so that the sides of the (wrapped) glasses touch each other—this reduces jostling inside the box in transit, which can lead to chips and breaking. 

Finally: Don’t be tempted to stack glasses within glasses in an effort to pack efficiently. It may strike you as a great space-saving maneuver, but really it’s just a great way to turn functional glassware into shards during a move.