Self Storage Boston

We understand that, sometimes, you're just not able to unpack right away. Whatever the reason, we offer solutions ranging from overnight on-truck storage to long-term storage in a secure, climate-controlled facility.

A truck that could use some self storage in Boston

Short-Term Storage

If there's a delay between move-out and move-in, don't fret! We provide overnight, on-truck storage as needed. This is a convenient solution that minimizes shuffling and jostling of your possessions—the items remain carefully packed on our truck overnight, and can then be moved into your new home the following day. 

An example of self storage in Boston

Long-Term Storage

Boxed up and moved out, but still looking for a new place? If you need your items stored for a greater length of time, we are happy to keep your belongings safe and secure in a commercial facility for up to 12 months. 
Contact us for long-term storage pricing and for full terms.